This was me, when happily musing my next Bitstrips creation!

Bitstrips.com no longer exists. The comic maker recently closed its doors to hundreds of thousands of people, including me, leaving me stripped of Bitstrips, and feeling it!

Several members of my family used to criticize me for my love of the Bitstrips; they thought it ludicrous of me to be so attached to the comic maker, I would grow indignant each time that anyone spoke ill of it! They were thinking perhaps that I was wasting away my other talents on such childish play, and so I am sure they were finally relieved when I told them that Bitstrips shut down!

But you had to be a bitstripper yourself to comprehend, fully, what this form of art did for some of us, artists. For me, this was a creative outlet. For instance, Bitstrips took my writing to a whole other level. In the same way that my books form a motion picture in the mind of the reader, Bitstrips allowed me to use scenes and bring the characters to life, by the styles I gave them, the facial expressions, etc. I used to spend hours on my comic strips, seeing to it that they produce captivation.

I went as far as writing a Biti Series (full story with 15 episodes) titled, “A Day in the Life of Christina” using Bitstrips, with music and sound effects. A considerable progress in the art seems notable in the series, as I grew to understand better how the comic maker worked and applied that knowledge to the latter episodes. And, of late, my handle on it grew even better as I learned how to add shadowing and dimension to the strips.

Believe it or not, Bitstrips also helped me to see the world around me with new eyes. It got me to observing trees, plants, flowers, bodies of water, and everything else more closely, so as to breathe more life into this or any other form of art when applicable. When I travel in the car, I now notice shadows and shades created by the sun; I now understand the thing about light source: the side of the light source is brighter and its opposite side, darker. I’m sure that everyone else knew that, but I didn’t.

I learned also how to use Bitstrip pieces to make other pieces. For example, a butter knife worked as well for shadows on an arm. The pizza dough worked as well for face and neck shadows… We worked with what we had, and I loved the challenge!

But, as is with life, some things do come to an end, and that applied to Bitstrips, too! I only wish that the owners of Bitstrips had charged a reasonable, monthly fee for the upkeep of the website; I would have gladly paid my portion. Now I’m stripped of Bitstrips and feeling it!

Acrylic paint and brushes, here I come!

Here are a few samples of my many Bitstrips:












Thanks Bitstrips!