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No news is good news! That’s what I say when my mailboxes are empty. These days, though, I am applying the little saying to the media, the news media: No news is good news! My goodness; it appears that “bad news” is everywhere lately, with each new incident proving worse than the others. And yet, people everywhere are yearning for peace, including those ones that are taking it by force and producing bloodshed in their wake! That makes zero sense to me; it’s an oxymoron that leads me to believe that peace isn’t what they want!

I do my best to refrain from watching CNN and all other news channels, and from reading newspapers, even as these have a healthy mixture of good and bad news. But of late, even when I log into Facebook, friends of mine are acting like newscasters, pumping forth as much bad news as they can find. They have a right to post and share whatever they want; I myself exercise my rights on social media. But must it be this way? Must it all be the same crap that we see on television, and read in the paper, and experience in our cities?

Loved ones have advised me to stay abreast of the goings on, to watch the news and be informed, otherwise, some awful catastrophe could catch me off guard! Well, when I do pay heed to those advisements, all of what I see and hear sickens me, perturbs me and disrupts any sense of peace I might have!

I think that the more we give our attention to the soured issues, the more we perpetuate the problems. We grow it–and intensify it–by the focus, energy, and involved reactions that we give to it. Indeed, we have to protect ourselves from evil; we have to know if next door to us lives a mad person with ill intentions; we have to know many things in order that we may escape evil and live peaceful and prosperous lives. But I believe that we have lost sight of the bigger picture, and of love and respect for humankind, and that’s the heart of the problem.

Many people do pray…but then disremember to let God be God once they’ve asked Him for help. They, faithless, frightened, and reactive, push the Lord right out of the picture and take matters into their own hands, and then wonder why it seems that God no longer is on hand. It’s a sad state of affairs!

No news is good news, I tell myself when I set myself apart from the media and go live life. In doing so, I experience a kinder life, a closer relationship with my Maker, and receive His provisions, safety, and peace!

Friends, the Bible is unfolding. If you’ve ever read it, you could see all of the predictions coming to fruition! But, amid all of that, God says:

Let be and be still, and know (recognize and understand) that I am God. ~Psalm 46:10