Does your rice turn gummy so thick it would stick to a wall if you threw it there? Does it turn out bland and undesirable? Does it turn out undercooked and hard to bite on? And, here, you followed the product’s cooking instructions to the T! You even use crop pots, said to produce perfection always?  My rice snagged me every time that I tried cooking it! That is until my dear, old dad showed me a trick that’s never failed me once.

My dad was an international Chef, and he would have to cook large pots of rice to feed many well-paying customers. He had to get his rice just right if “business” was to last. And I had to get mine just right if I was going to serve my family and myself a good meal.

Here’s the best way to cook rice: Boil it, in more water than suggested by the manufacturers. Not so that the rice absorbs the water, but so that the water cooks the rice for you. I boil my rice, with salt (to taste) and a dash of garlic powder, for around 8 minutes or so. I keep an eye on the expansion of the rice; I don’t let the morsels get too fat if you will. If you’re unsure of the tenderness, pick one up and chew it.

Once cooked, drain it, the same way you would drain pasta. Run cold water over the rice to remove the excess starch.  Leave it in the strainer, for a moment.  Go back to the emptied pot and add your vegetable oil, and heat the oil so that it bubbles. Then throw your rice back into the pot and stir it so that the oil moistens all of the rice. Let it fry a little (for around 5 minutes); it’ll give you a golden layer of crispy rice at the bottom, then serve with beans or sunny-side-up eggs, or what-have-you. And that’s all there is to it. 🙂