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Lies are dangerous little demons. You tell one lie and, before you know it, you have to add another lie to the first lie so that your story sounds really real! Then, as time goes by and that lie seemed forgotten in the past, someone brings up the topic and suddenly, you’ve forgotten that you lied and what you said, and find yourself caught and desperate for the memory! Such situations as that taught me to just be as truthful as possible, because then I won’t need to defend what I had earlier said since it was the truth. Nevertheless, lying doesn’t stop there; a lie becomes a truth, in a different sense.

Here, you’ve stumbled into a situation that makes it seem you’d be better off to tell a lie in order to turn a situation to your advantage. For argument’s sake, let’s just say that you owe someone money, and have a deadline in which to make good on the debt. But, having the required money–and needing it for something else equally pressing, you claim to the creditor that you haven’t got the money. You add to this lie a touch of angst, wringing your hands worrifully, making up a story of being letdown yourself by whomever promised to give you money, and promising the creditor to pay the debt next week, if the money comes in! You acted out your lie so well that even you believed it, and managed to get tremendous sympathy from the unsuspecting, patient creditor!

Suddenly, though, did you really think that the Universe (or God himself) wasn’t eavesdropping on your conversation? That what you claimed was really only a mouthful of nothingness and no real truth would come from your lie? Think again!

Watch your words very closely, for you will have what you say! A lie always becomes a truth. Within a matter of a week, at most, the claim that you made to the creditor, such as in, “I haven’t got the money that I owe you; So & So didn’t pay me what they owe me” turns your lie into a truth! The Universe doesn’t play games: the words that leave our mouths carry weight; they become things; they become actual circumstances and, if based in lies, they create worse problems than what we first started-out-with. You end up losing your job, for instance, and now really can’t pay what you owe! Anything can happen to make your lie a truth!

Take inventory of your life. Look to see if anything you claimed, earlier, has actually manifested in your life soon afterwards. You won’t be disappointed, except where your lie became your truth! And change your ways. If you can’t pay a debt, right when it’s expected, be truthful about the situation. And have faith, that all things will work out to your advantage and that you needn’t lie.

You can run with a lie, but you can’t hide from the truth. It will catch you!

 Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it and indulge it will eat its fruit and bear the consequences of their words. ~Proverbs 18:21