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pensive …After spending some time following political news stories, I am rendered pensive and forced to reconnect with my own core beliefs! This isn’t a bad thing, of course; we should always be in tuned with our own core beliefs, regardless of external influences. But how remarkable it is that the effects of dangerous politics if we’re not careful, can just about rob us of a hopeful future! It can make us lose sight of our own destiny when it gives the impression that we’re doomed and no longer have a reason to dream and make wishes come true!

That’s the question that I’ve been pondering lately: With everything negative going on – all around the world and domestically; all the bombings, the killings, the riotings, the anti-law environment growing and expanding, and so much poverty, and civil unrest, and unfit “presidential nominees” behaving viciously towards each other! What are the chances of our seeing any real personal success in our futures?

Do we keep painting, drawing, writing, singing, dancing, performing, acting, and working, not only for our livelihood but also toward a wholesome existence, when “unstable politicians” have us placing our lives in their dubious hands?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I surely don’t want to vote, to have my life ultimately tampered with, down the road, by a reckless Leader! Big promises are made by anyone running for Office, but the problems aren’t on a small scale; the problems are so huge and so many that, by the end of a president’s term, the situations hardly see a dent of improvement! The world has increasingly grown more dangerous, in spite of or because of whoever runs the country, and here we go into elections believing that our leader/s would be the “person” to make it all go away, when, in fact, either one brings his or her own major issues and own agenda to the helm.

Where does “Jesus” fit into all of this?

The Vatican alone is an entity wealthy, perhaps beyond measure, and yet many of its own followers are persons living in poverty or homeless or deeply suffering in some other way? Why all the hoarding of so much money? Why not spread… some of that wealth to its abundant congregations and relieve many burdens?

The Clinton Foundations hold tremendous wealth; why all the hoarding of so much money; why not spread… more than just the insulting 15% of that massive wealth to programs that would actually alleviate hunger and poverty in the U.S.?

All of this noise and chaos, and greed and selfishness, and large political EGOS, when looked at closely has practically drowned out the omnipresence of Jesus, our Savior! If I didn’t know any better, in the midst of all the ruckus, I would think that I’ve become an atheist! But, of course, personally speaking, I do know better than that!

I know that God is still GOD, is King of kings, Lord of lords, Judge of all judges, and on the scene! On that note, I replace my life in his CARE and move on with the remaining days that God gave me!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11