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american-flag-images-12At the time of the 2016 presidential conventions, I was on the fence between both sides. I wasn’t yet sure which candidate I would vote for, or even if I would vote at all! I inclusive wrote a blog about the pensive state [linked here] that this unprecedented political situation had thrown me to! I was stressed out due to all the bashing and trashing engaged by the lineups of potential presidents, on both sides, who weren’t exactly speaking to my main concerns!

In my view at the time, and because I care about my native country, the USA, neither Hillary or Trump seemed like the right choice to restore America back to her sovereignty again. Echoing here the common feeling shared by others and myself, I now had to decide which candidate is the lesser of two evils:

Is it the unsavory democratic establishment, that has kept us assailant to madmen and stuck in quicksand, for too long now[!], or the unconventional Businessman[?] that represents the republic, but with much waywardness about him – for us to mutter of, forever!

But, oh! He who is without sin cast the first stone – or point out the man or woman with no imperfections! Both candidates are flawed human beings, but only one of them has more regard for America than the other one does.

The two prominent candidates were, and so far still are, our only primary options. Trump, through no fault of his own, left the misfit republican party in the dust by a landslide, [when the people love him enough to have chosen him!] and Hillary Clinton, through none other than rigged measures and new email scandal, we soon found out, left the Bern’s voters piling up and smoldering somewhere behind her, when she out-beat Sanders by that landslide!

And notwithstanding, the two main sectors -Republican vs. Democrat- or vice-versa, for the better part of almost 8 years, have been so much in, power-struggle, that the Independent sides just appears hasn’t been enough of anything to grab our attention and turn the shift there!

In my quest nevertheless to see, objectively, which candidate may win my vote, I sat glued to the television, listening to the speeches of each candidate, and later paying close attention to the Acceptance speeches, but, as well, was impressed by the entertaining side and creative theatrics that both campaigns prepared for us!

578dcf11c4618878698b4586I laughed when I saw Trump’s silhouetted debut make its entrance to the GOP Convention Stage; this man is far from being shy! His confidence shone through ahead of him and strangely I appreciated it. The smoky scene too, with just the right lighting, to me, was reminiscent of the likes of the late, Michael Jackson, and that kept me interested. Indeed, as states Queen’s song selected for such a time as was that one: we (as in Americans) are the champions, of the world! At least, we once were.


Then I watched Hillary’s DNC production, and later her “acceptance” showcase, and I have to say that two moments therein really touched me. The finale, seen in this image, just about brought me to tears when it unfolded. Because, as a woman myself, I find it always inspiring when women break through their glass ceilings; and here she was, finally shattering her own! The other moment that captured my heart was during the nomination acceptance and seeing V.P nominee, Tim Kaine, his wife, his parents, and his in-laws, and Hillary’s life-long husband, Bill Clinton, and their daughter Chelsea with her spouse, all together, which, to me, represented “family,” close-knit supportive family, with which I resonate.

This alone had me thinking that perhaps I’m a democrat, after all! Adaptable by nature, perhaps even Independent but conservative, I’m the type that when I vote I do so according to the most gripping nominee. Hence, the reason that I sit on a political fence almost to the end, mulling over everything that I observe and absorb.

But then came the “dissing and dirty laundry,” carried out once more by Trump and Hillary during their remarkable speeches, all of which began to speak volumes to my sensible side. And what Hillary wasn’t saying, that made the Donald J. Trump Republican Nomination Acceptance Speech: Presidential quality, and myself, a republican at heart!

Trump, who I had my huge doubts about and voiced it frequently, reiterated “truth” about the perilous condition that America and her voiceless people, all the way around, are in, and offered practical solutions to aid us! Even if his opponent throws in that he speaks doom & gloom of America; Trump resonated with the side of me experiencing the actual difficulties since 2008, and he hit the mark with precision! He, a realist, was telling it like it is and connecting with my truths and my desire for real change! If his outline of complaints sounds “negative,” it’s because bleak is how the situation actually is, so why then sugarcoat it!

While Hillary, pounding her fists as if with true conviction, shouts, that she’ll make Wall Street, and the big corporations, and the very wealthy PAY their share of taxes -whilst at the same time hypocritically rubbing elbows with all of them and accepting BIG MONEY from those very cronies, for favors! Who does Hillary, or more to the point: Crooked Hillary, think she’s fooling? But all of that is best left for my upcoming blog about her!

Whether democrat, republican, independent, or non-political at all, only a very few Americans [most likely the wealthy, the amply employed and greatly unaffected by the infected America] would hear Trump’s outline and be shocked and disagree with him!

Otherwise, the majority, the rest of us, regardless of each one’s political side, and long before Trump announced that he would run for President, agrees: that America -and the world at large- has changed dramatically and worsened in the last 8 years, unfortunately, while under the Obama & Hillary democratic administration! Everybody’s talking about it, not just the republicans, or Trump, or the news media, or the democrats, or the churches, or me! The rich are holding onto their own money and the poor are scraping and scratching

Everybody’s talking about it, not just the republicans, or Trump, or the news media, or the democrats, or the churches, or the courts, or me! The rich, for fear of a great deception, are holding onto their own money like hoarders, and the poor are scraping and scratching without any means, for their survival. This isn’t make-believe, it is happening.

Unfortunately, for her, Hillary lives in a self-made bubble and didn’t relate to me, the truly concerned voter, in the straightforward manner that Trump did. And that, in my humble opinion, along with her massive scandals, are what caught my attention and makes Donald J. Trump Presidential quality!

I think Trump’s haters are confusing being rude with being truthful. Forgiving his insults and audaciousness, much of what he otherwise says about our over-run country and the dangers of the current administration is true – and the truth sometimes hurts – and because it hurts, non-supporters want to do away with the messenger and essentially give Obama a third, maybe even a fourth term – via Hillary!

Below I provide a PDF copy of Donald Trump’s republican nomination acceptance speech, complete with Sources, for your researching pleasure and in case you’re still on the fence about which candidate to vote for. I challenge you: if the United States of America really matters to you – and regardless of your political preference; to just read it, objectively, from the standpoint of your humanness and as though someone else (other than Donald, let’s say) spoke it.

Grasp what is stated in the speech, and see for yourself, if what is noted in it doesn’t profoundly speak to the truth about the vulnerable country that you and I call home and now inherited. And, to that end, ask yourself, what was on Hillary’s mind and did Hillary speak of those same issues -in the light of the factual condition that America is really suffering? My guess is that you’ll come away hoping it all improves before it becomes too late and that you’ll quietly wonder if Trump is actually the better choice. In my opinion, his outlook and proposals are how a good President should and would manage his turf.

It is content like his what made me realize that America is worth taking back from the wrong hands; she is worth saving, protecting, getting cleaned up and restored, even if with the leadership and help of the familiar businessman, new to the political arena but having no hair on his tongue!

As it is, we can’t blame the damaged goods on Trump; he wasn’t the Commander in Chief or even the Secretary of State that brought us to where we now are. What then have we got to lose, but the likes of the self-serving current administration, when it goes replaced by the groundbreaking new dawning!



News Source: The Washington Post