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1ivoted In the same way that I often “hide behind” my Bitstrip Avatar and let her entertain you on my behalf, so did I, with every legal right to do so, hide behind a red curtain on November 8, 2016, and cast my vote for Businessman Donald J. Trump.

Essentially, by voting for Donald J. Trump, I voted against Hillary Clinton, by virtue of every moral standard, that I stand on. And for it, many sore losers are branding me as racist, sexist, xenophobic, and what-more-have-you, and basically have dumped me into Hillary’s “Basket of Deplorables!

Well then, so be it! This instead is wonderfully telling of the HUGE hypocrisy, double-standardness of the Crybabies trying to super-impose their worthless attacks on the Amercian voters. By labeling me a racist, you’re being a racist; by labeling me a sexist; you’re being sexist; by labeling me as Xenophobic; you’re the obvious xenophobe; by “judging” me, you’re going to be JUDGED! And, on and on, goes that “vicious” cycle, until people hopefully accept the fact that every person that “voted” did so for personal reasons and as a duty to his and her country!

But, since I voted against Hillary Clinton, here are my reasons for doing so:


I voted against Hillary Clinton because she exercised “abuse of power” as Secretary of State! She wrote and SIGNED this particularly significant Document, only to completely dishonor it, from the moment that she entered the role of Madam Secretary!

We ALL saw what ensued from that fiasco of EMAILS SCANDAL and all of the LIES she got caught telling! And then, with the ongoing scandals mounting, she had the audacity to step into the Presidential Candidacy arena, as if earned, and actually believe that the majority of the American people were as corrupted and accepting of her treasonous actions, and would vote for her? Uh…WRONG, Killary!

I can’t tell you why everyone else voted for Donald Trump, and I won’t even try! But I can tell you that there’s no way that I would have graciously overlooked Hillary’s massive amounts of obstructions of law and justice, in favor of having her be the first WOMAN president! Her CORRUPTION, not favored.

chelseavs-haitianchildNo one should ever be OK with what Hillary and Bill Clinton did to Haiti! They stole the billions of dollars in donations that went to fund the 2010 earthquake and the Haitians still are without plumbing and clean water! And, while presently OWING Haiti the money, the latest report tells us that the Clinton Foundation Paid for Chelsea’s Wedding!


At last, the only “glass ceiling” that Mrs. Clinton shattered was that of her ascension as the filthiest woman on the face of the earth! On the flipside of that: Up until Donald Trump became the 2016 President-elect, the private-citizen owed none of us explanations of any kind! But, in the same way that his supporters ELECTED him for the presidency, so shall we viciously pound on him too should he pull a Crooked-Hillary stunt on us!

The end!