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bitstripholiday Please tell me that I’m not alone when I say that the month of December has a way of influencing us in mysterious ways. All right, I’ll speak for myself. Here it is, December 2016, and I’m already in reflective mode…

All of my Decembers seem to come with a certain heavy hand, that subdues me and makes that I look at my life and ponder it. It sets me on a crossroad where I can either keep the status quo as it is or break free from it, toss all caution to the wind, and see where life takes me next!

Now, I know that this doesn’t sound like anything out of the ordinary, for it happens to be what many people experience all the time. But, let’s face it: most people are afraid of change, afraid of the unknown, afraid to rock the boat, as it were! And they stick with the tried & true instead because it feels safer than does the beckoning daredevil within, willing to take you into all uncertainties if you just let it! Deep down, though, they have regrets, feel miserable, and frustrated that their fears hold them back!

I want my December 2016 to be different. This year was a fascinating one for me. It was a year that further expanded my awareness and gave me insight…into people and their odd behaviors, into politics and the dark side therein, and into my own levels of faith, even as my slim finances caused me worries and stress!

In spite of that, this year I learned two valuable lessons: my “power” within and how to exercise it so that it benefits me, and God’s power, to work for me; which, surprisingly, made Him a whole lot friendlier and generous than when I kept him trapped in my nicely decorated religious box!

The bottom line is this: Many are the people that find themselves with little to no money, again, this Christmastime when “gift-giving” is so deeply entwined with every December and our egos! Already they’re suffering those shattered hopes, dreams, and wishes, that speak only words of failure to them as they long for full richness in their lives. If this describes you, let it go! Here’s why:

jesushasmoreDecember 2016 also brings a new opportunity to just be God’s child; God’s favorite child! To let go of the “need” to have money; even if you’re behind on your bills and can’t afford to shop! Simply see yourself as the best-loved child of God and move along accordingly. None of us have any idea what the next 30-minutes will bring, so for us to assume that we are God’s children but this Christmas may find us still impoverished, already is a silly argument!

When you are God’s child, you have a superb chance of experiencing the full richness craved because that’s the “birthright” accompanying you. Therefore, renew your mind, grow that inheritance, and give your loved ones and your Maker and yourself that special wealth during your December 2016.