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We all should “learn” from the experiences of others, before allowing ourselves to make the same moves that they made and end up where they did. Not many of us are that “wise,” though, especially when it comes to libido and our wanting what wasn’t ours, in the first place. Nevertheless, in this case, a love triangle chimes struck because what goes around indeed comes around!

Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. ~Galatians 6:7

I once knew a couple who’d been married for many years and had a child. One day, the husband dumped his wife for another woman. Their divorce was still “hot off the press” when he married the other woman several days later. Yep, some “cheating” had been going on behind the scenes when those two tied the knot that quickly after the divorce and then tried to deny the infidelity when confronted by the first wife. “Hmm…yeah…sane people marry strangers, just like that!” says only dummies.

At any rate, the first wife was fine with releasing the marriage; she never chased or coaxed him to come back or intruded upon the lives of the newlyweds. She had accepted that things had gone sour in the marriage for some years, and was willing to move on from there as a divorcee. All she wanted henceforth was what rightly belonged to her and their child: financial support.

However, such a request tended to perturb the second wife and oftentimes she made a stink about it! It appeared to the first wife that the second wife had assumed that she and her new husband would somehow live a life of bliss hereafter and his first family would just disappear into the night or wherever, never to be heard from with any such types of requirements! This isn’t how this works, though; since dear ole hubby had abandoned his first spouse who ultimately became disabled, couldn’t support herself entirely, and required a portion of his income.

Anyhow, the term “trouble in paradise” had soon hit the airwaves, and it came out that his “honeymoon” phase had ultimately led him to the same spot where he and his first wife once parted ways. In other words: divorce! More than that, guess what the end result be for wife 2? Just read back to what it had been for Wife 1; minus any physical disabilities; as she wasn’t able to make ends meet without a certain contribution from Mr. Don Juan; but got instead loads of insults for it.

Indeed, that is a sad…situation; as the love triangle chimes struck! Many might even call it “Karma” and say that wife 2 deserves difficulties for the maltreatment dished out to wife 1. Conversely, though: Wife 1, having been through it, empathizes and wishes no such painful experience on anyone. Although “God” had long ago set down the rules for “sowing and reaping,” and, from what we have read here: provides no escaping from one’s true story, for it…