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A remarkable thing happened when I voted for Donald Trump on November 8, and he won the presidential election against Hillary Clinton. Immediately I sensed the spirit of wealth come upon me; and now I ask [his supporters, I suppose]: “Can you feel it?”

And I smile as I ask it! Because the “energy,” the “vibe…” of new wealth that had suddenly arrived, hasn’t left ever since then. It only seems to move right along with me, every day and wherever I go. Giving me fresh hope that, in the same way, that President Trump arose to “billionaire” status in his personal life, so is he going to apply that “business know-how” to his leadership as President and everyone is going to benefit from it.

Before then, the United States of America was headed for trouble; it was on the brink of total decimation; until GOD stepped in and had the final say in who would be the next President! Now, I know that many “anti-Trump” people won’t like hearing this, especially since they abhor…Donald Trump and some may not understand how “Jesus” saved the day! Nevertheless, we, the American people, were being led to dangerous places by this pack of Individuals, now branded: “The Gangster Administration” -and they had to go tossed out!


This “Family Tree” right here, unmistakably consisted of rotted apples dangling from the branches. Collectively, they all thought who they were, and yet, each one proved lawless, corrupt, anti-American, and abused their authoritative power!

From the President; to his two US Attorney Generals; to the IRS figure; to Madam Secretary  Hillary Clinton; to her sneaky husband, former US President himself; right down to the FBI Director, non-fitting in this image! Fellow friend, they dumped us and left us forlorn underneath their Top guns when they stole our rights to protection, and to success, and soiled our dignity throughout the whole world. Lest, Donald Trump had stepped in, announced that he was running for the Presidency, and by God, won the platform!

By the time the question came down to: “Hillary or Trump?” We had a “Justice” department, an Oval office, a State Department, and an IRS agency too far gone in “self-serving mode” to keep any of us safe!


We had the US Attorney General stonewalling Congress and covering-up loads of corruption, and the Director, of the FBI, standing between a rock and a hard place; each one having too little a spine to actually rise up and “enforce” the proper laws and hold accountable those who’d been breaking the laws. Impossible for them to do when, while at Pheonix airport; inside an airplane provided to her by Tax Payers’ money! Lynch met with Bill Clinton; husband of a subject under investigation; and soon after that his wife “Hillary” got away with massive amounts of “Obstructions of justice.” We then were rendered “powerless” in all of it, and Comey, not “allowed” or willing to recommend prosecution; produced his job incorrectly!

We all know by now the HUGE Emails SCANDAL that broke out when Hillary (disregarding all the rules) had set up a “private server” in her home and then used Bleachbit to destroy government and personal records alike! For nothing, because these “Emails” mysteriously ended up on the laptops of “chief of staff” Huma Abedin’s husband, Anthony Weiner.

I’m still amused by how this all unfolded, but I give “God” the credit for exposing the trickeries to that surprising discovery!

Then we had a “President” who shamelessly got caught lying and couldn’t possibly hold Hillary to the crime he had joined in, as well!  Remember the interview, he gave on CBS News?  Related here: he was asked when did he first learn about Hillary’s private email server, and responded that he learned of it at the same time as everyone else did. But yet, the helpful Wikileaks had exposed that Obama had been “corresponding” with Hillary via that underground server, using an alias to conceal his identity.

I’m still shaking my head in dismay over that one! Since, in that case, with a PRESIDENT lying to us, it meant that we didn’t have a prayer left to our names! Nevertheless, I give “God” the credit here too. Because the Lord had once said, “Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known” (Luke 12:2 ESV), and, in these cases, it proved to be true!

Those events left me wondering, what were they up to behind those tight scenes known only to the bunch of them? When they emphatically “needed” Hillary Clinton to “run” this country! Presently, I ask myself that question, but no longer for argument sake. Rather, only out of curiosity since I am inquisitive and my life, and yours, had been at risk at the hands of those senseless persons.

Forget about “defending” them; NO Presidential administration should ever go conducted with such underhanded selfishness and malice!

I am grateful and relieved that Donald Trump showed up on the scene, and; with God and Trump’s supporters; he shook the ungodly tree until everything rattled and those former people came tumbling down!

Hence, the spirit of wealth that I feel is now greatly upon us, as President Donald Trump, for everyone’s sake, commences to restore the fabric of what once was a beautiful and prosperous America. And pledges to return “Washington, DC.” back to us. Because, at the end of the day, he himself has always been “Patriotic” at heart, and was noticing the ample damage that was being done by the unhelpful Politicians running everything into the ground.

New doors of opportunities and blessings have been thrown open, for the prayerful ones! Observe how the stock market shot right up since the date of November 9, and new jobs and employment have started rolling inward, for the able, within days! I feel it… I sense the wonderful spirit of wealth that Trump has brought with him to the White House, and only wants to assert: Can you feel it?