Long-Lost Friends


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canwetalkI could see losing a bunch of friends throughout life; people come and go, all the time, making it seem as though life has somewhat of a built-in Revolving door, for that very purpose.

We all walk through that central axis ourselves, and move on to greener pastures, constantly, and that’s OK. Given the replacement of long-lost friends, with the new ones that come along, we all learn to live past those standard events.

Besides, life has a way of serving us, “distractions,” to keep us busy or wildly entertained, and soon enough we recognize how life works. However, the long-lost friends that I’m referring to aren’t your typical “fleshy” kind.

They are Faith, Hope, and Love, and aren’t ones that we may easily replace with any distractions, for that matter, either!

Inseparable, they are triplet Powerhouses that work in unison and befriend every human being who accepts them!

Nevertheless, the loss of these 3-friends can happen to us, and do result disastrous to one’s life, when we’ve lost hold of them!

Sometimes we do lose our way through life and suddenly find ourselves “stuck” inside what feels to us is an extensive, unlit tunnel!  With no quick way out, we grope through this darkness like sheep seeking to avoid the slaughterhouse! Or at least, that’s how it feels to those of us who have surrendered our three Amigos, in exchange for the stifling “Dictates of Circumstances” here to thwart us when we are foolish.

In that dark place, we hear the words of our loved ones cheering us on, from outside: “You’ll be OK! Just keep the faith. Have hope!” and “We love you!” And we think, Yeah, right; it’s easy for you to give me all that advice. You aren’t the one who’s in here, suffering the isolation, the fear, the uncertainties, or the painful despair that comes with the yearning to see freedom! And we shake all of it off and wish that the turmoil would just end already!

Several years ago, I was in that space and it felt horrible! Although my eyesight is very healthy and I can see the colorful world around me; I was also blind as a bat when it came to understanding what was happening to me and what was occurring, here, the bigger picture. The entrapment felt exhausting and like it would never end! I thought I was never going to experience the necessary break-through! What seemed like a light, at the end of the tunnel; to me, those were the beams on the freight train revving to come and mow me down! More so, that was me, in the likes of a Deer in headlights! For, the closer I drew towards that light, the further away that open sphere moved! All because I had fixed my focus on the dictates of circumstances and not on, my long-lost friends.

FYI: In life, there will always be “circumstances!” A constant handful of situations set upon a central axis similar to the Revolving door of earlier, that come and visit us for a while and then pass through our lives, as new ones replace them. Some situations will be pleasant and others not so pleasing, but they spin us on our heels, all the time, despite our ignorance or maturity.

We can’t make “Circumstances” be non-existent; they are the fabric upon which the stories of life go woven. As well, the details on our canvases, if looked at objectively, do become the “material” we use to create expression. Be these, paintings that tell a story; or the books that we read or write; or the songs that we sing; or the choreography that we see in dance. Or the special “advice” that we vocally share with others when encouraging people to … keep the faith, have hope, and be loved.

From some “event” we draw the dataset that comprises the experiences we have had. So, let’s call the events by their real name: “Circumstances” and let’s understand that circumstances, in their varieties, aren’t only here for the long haul, but also are necessary for the Conquering of them and Empowerment.

bitstrip_yoFriends, we have to, be smart, in life! Especially wise, about these ornery effects inside the dimmed tunnels; when we end up there. And appreciative of our friendships with the “Triplet Powerhouses” Faith, Hope, and Love; which we needlessly abandon when the going gets rough!

Yes; there will be those times that “circumstances” kick asses and leave us for dead! But just know that they are serving as whips to wake our butts up and get us to do some wisdom finding!

If we could just comprehend that everything happens for a reason; that “circumstances” are here only for a season; and that a lack of faith, hope, and love truly is Treason! We would save ourselves a lot of tears and rarely undergo such tremendous turmoil where we find ourselves lost, blind as a bat, and wondering, where are my long-lost friends when I need them!

I know that I was never alone inside my blackened tunnel! In it, I came across many blind ones who were leading the other blind ones to nowhere, but around the same vicious cycles; and this, too, gave me reasons for amazement and amusement. Imagine this: someone, whose life is a mess, trying to direct someone else, whose life is a mess also! The two don’t jive together. That’s why I waited until I learned my lessons first, before rashly introducing what were my long-lost friends, Faith, Hope, and Love who all came to my rescue.

Faith urges us to climb over our “circumstance’s” Wall; for it too shall pass! Hope encourages us to press on towards that Finish Line; for up ahead is our new life! And, when we take that leap: Love, awaiting our arrival, catches us in its everlasting arms and hence shows us a life that’s full of surprises!