Love Amid Chaos



Karla Martin has no idea what to do about her tumultuous marriage, but the moment she decides she’s had enough with its chaos, she, with a big heart for God, comes up with a plan that will change her life in extraordinary ways! Karla presents the idea to her friend Cheyanne Robinson, who is divorced and very resentful toward men. Cheyanne loves the plan; after all, she longs to love again and this might be the chance of a lifetime! As Karla and Cheyanne embark on the undertaking, they follow the plan that dares them to undo the destructive “mindsets” that have kept them with no love amid chaos. While Karla does everything she can to reclaim her identity and possibly restore the 16-year marriage, Cheyanne finds herself trapped in the mystery of her own problem with love. The question here is: Is their marital status going to wind up just as it is now, or opposite of that? Maybe, this time, they will become a different person than you ever imagined. In the end, could it be that God, at last, is the only real Love amid chaos? The answers to these questions reveal themselves via the comical, poignant, yet astonishing LOVE AMID CHAOS! >

(Copyright 2009, By Christina L. Ibbotson. All Rights Reserved.)

Chapter 1 – 5


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